New Sneak Peek

I don’t remember seeing a new “little” one from Olga?

This one that was unnamed and has been a sneak peek for 2+ years :wink:


I love that one… I had forgotten about it?


I love the peaky eyes on this one. Hope they don’t change them!

Yeah, I remember this one. I wonder what happened.

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Found a post from @pia on a thread about Sebastian from 2022. About this un-named kit:

Hopefully she will be completing his limbs soon.

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Now there’s a c-section baby, if ever I saw one.

Such a cute little expressive face. I can almost hear the cooing. I wonder what this one would look like with hair.

Yep, that’s the one Jenni! I love that sculpt, I keep hoping she hasn’t given up on it for good.




I think you are correct, but I like the clay head better…


I Love the clay head too Pia, this one is very cute but it doesn’t translate as well painted, Maybe the hair is too dark or something. He just looks different. Love those hands though. I rarely do baby’s with open eyes cause I have such a hard time getting them set the way I want them. Now I have to rethink this little guy. He is cute, I’ll probably get him though. Wonder when he is available and why we haven’t seen anything about him?

Thank you Jenni for finding this and posting!

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Prototypes just released today

Oh, got it.

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The Bianca one is very cute and the brows give it a much different expression

I truly don’t think Charlie is coming, which makes me super sad. I’ve asked in comment threads a few times over the months and got no reply when she ways replying or likening all other comments. I stopped asking because I assume she didn’t have or didn’t want to answer.

I remember she was sculpting him the same time as sebby and I love him soooo much

Jenni, where can we see the prototypes? How many have been shown?

I seen them on FB. I see 4 so far
If you look at Olga’s page she has posted or been tagged in them.


Thanks Jenni, they are all adorable but I like the first one here the best. Who did that one do you know?

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Alexa Calvo… I like it best too.

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