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I’ve noticed some of the kits I bought here didn’t come with coa. Is that normal. Nobody ever replied to my email. Also I have noticed prices literally change during an order. It would be helpful if you changed your site at a set time each day. Also a couple times I’ve seen the charged prices were higher than the advertised price. Mostly I’m concerned about missing COA. I emailed and never got a reply. I’m a new customer


Not all BB babies come with a COA.


Just the Realborns come with a COA, regular and seconds kits don’t have one. I don’t know about the price changs, it’s been a while since I have ordered here but never had a problem, unless I leave a kit in my kart and buy it after the sale, then price goes back to regular.


Welcome to the forum @Doll

@bbsupport there is a new customer here that is still waiting for a response to their email.

The forum is a bunch of artists discussing techniques and other mostly reborn related stuff. We do get the occasional post here from an employee, but not that frequently.

Also, if you emailed pretty recently, they are closed on Sundays so Monday is usually a catch up day for them. They should definitely be getting back to you though. I tagged the suport account above. Hopefully it speeds things up.

Not all kits come with COAs. Is there a specific one you’re inquiring about?

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Yes but if it shows a coa on the info for that kit, then it should be included. I know that the seconds kits don’t. At first I thought clearance didn’t come with them, but the other ones did. I’ll have to find the invoice. I remember they were the smallest size baby available.

Just a heads up there used to be a new member post/reply limit so if that happens, it is normal. Just wanted to warn ya.

’ just saw that you joined in Feb. Maybe enough time has went by

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