New Silicone Kit - Octavia, sculpted by Severine Piret, first prototypes on eBay!

Good afternoon,

We are excited to announce that Octavia, sculpted by Severine Piret, is coming in silicone! This incredible kit is about 16 inches long when completed. She is a partial silicone kit with full limbs and a cloth body (body sold separately). We are so excited for her release, and we are proud to present not one, but two amazing new prototypes of her!

Our silicone prototypes of Octavia were masterfully reborn by artists Amelie Walle and Daniela Ardelean. You can find the links to their auctions at the bottom of our home page, here:

You can find more information regarding silicone Octavia’s kit, as well as sign up to be notified of her release here: SILICONE Octavia (16" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)


Bountiful Baby


Oh yeah I’m all about this sweet heart :heart_eyes:

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Still so sad about the vinyl :sob:. I may have to buy the silicone, depending on price


Any ideas of when Octavia is being released? I’m waiting to get my hands on a copy!

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She sure is precious. I’m not in the silicone game though. Nowhere near, unfortunately.

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