New sculpts in the gallery!

I am loving the new Crystal sculpt!!! And what a gorgeous Pratt grand baby she is in real life!

Wow- I like them too!

RuBert sculpts do resemble each other a bit…

There seems to be a large number of Donna Rubert sculpts available lately…just saying

LOVE that little chub CRYSTAL! Sooooo CUTE!!!

Crystal is a real cutie… I wish all the limbs weren’t the same on the new ones…

I like them and Iike Donna Rupert’s work anyway, but Crystal is adorable. I also love that she has full arms!

The limbs are okay- at least a little bit more details in feet.

Well, good thing we all have different tastes I LOVE Nicholas, and I think he and Kyle would make the sweetest twins!

Bountiful Baby is fortunate that we all like different sculpts!

— Begin quote from “pinkclove212”

All too similar for me, I’ll be passing on all of them…and poor Nicholas…looks like a man’s head on a baby body! Yikes!

— End quote

I agree, I don’t care for this sculpt at all

More new sculpts? I need to go look in the gallery!


Crystal might be cute. The others all look the same, not impressed