New Release! Realborn Sleepy Sunny AND Good Morning Sunny

Good evening,

We have not one, but two exciting new releases! Both Good Morning Sunny AND Sleepy Sunny are available now. Both precious babies are featured on our home page:

Realborn Sunny was captured at the adorable age of 6 months old. She is about 23.5 inches long when completed. This little sunshine will be so fun to dress! We can hardly wait to see the upcoming reborns from her cute kit.

Sunny’s kit looks exactly like the real baby! You can see pictures of the precious real baby here: good morning sunny - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

You can also see video of the real baby here: Realborn® 6 Month Sunny - Precious Footage - YouTube


Bountiful Baby


Oh, she’s finally here! So exciting, she’s just too cute!

Oh my goodness nooo! She is beautiful! I don’t want any more kits but I love her!!!