New Release! Realborn® Alyssa is Available Now!

Realborn® Alyssa is available now! She is a small newborn size, about 18" inches long when completed, and she has a head circumference of approximately 13". She has the most calm expression and the cutest little lips. You can make this adorable Realborn® yours here:

You can see many more prototype photos as well as gorgeous photos of the real baby here: alyssa sleeping - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). You can also see adorable video footage from her photo session here: Realborn® Alyssa - Beautiful Real Baby Footage - YouTube. Alyssa is such a beautiful girl!

We hope you all have an amazing day!

Bountiful Baby


Which vinyl is this? The soft one or the firmer one? :heart:


Are the new kits comming out softer or harder vinyl

Also I think it would be awesome if have a kit comes available around Easter weekends so people can Easter splurge also.

@bountifulbaby just idea

I love painting the realborns. Alyssa is cute but on my top list right now for March and April is Steven sleeping, nb sage and Katie at moment as 2 of those 3 are donating dolls. I’ll be donating Katie to a little girl and sage to @bountifulbaby Jessica as kindness of my heart :heart:

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She looks like German vinyl to me. She has a peachy color and the limb flanges have the smaller openings, which German vinyl usually does. Drats! I really wanted to get her but if she’s the newer hard vinyl I can’t. I hope they will make her in the Chinese vinyl in the future.

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Agreed :heart: I wish they would differentiate between the vinyls in the description so we will know which vinyl is used :heart:

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The pictures look like the peachy hard vinyl. I’ll have to pass. I don’t understand because Michael and canon are the softer vinyl. It’s hit or miss I guess.


I grabbed one and will update if she is harder or soft when she gets here :slight_smile:


She’s the newer type of vinyl.


The coupon code doesn’t work?

@jlesser it’s not working for me. Can you check?

I used my 2020 coupon (beachbaby) yesterday and was able to order Alyssa.

If you have used that one then try beachbaby21.

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Which vinyl does she have? She’s gorgeous
I look forward to getting all the newer realborns
Thank you, printsbery

It is the “new” factory and harder vinyl, but not awful.

I can press the vinyl in but thankfully she is asleep because adding eyes would be a pain.
Her arm flanges do not match (labeled differently)

She also has a hard sharp vinyl on her right earlobe that I will need to sand down and a couple black spots that wont wipe off.


I will not be rooting mine.

Thank you for the updates :heart:

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With the spots and ear problem, should it be a second quality kit?

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Still better than 1sts elsewhere :wink:

Sometimes I wonder if the sales kits are inspected?

I used my coupon on her so she wasnt full price.


I’ve wondered that before, too.

Do you happen to know if Felicity is German vinyl? I bought 3 Felicity at different times and the kit smells so so so strong of chemicals.

Both the awake and asleep Felicity look to be the German “new” vinyl. She looks peachy to me in photos and the openings in her flanges are smaller than with Chinese vinyl. :frowning: