New Release - Our First 2 Month Silicone, Realborn Aero!

Cutest New Release of the Year!

Well, at least my favorite silicone release we have done so far this year. Aero is our first silicone in the 2 month old size, and his chunky legs and lips remind me so much of my own baby, Joseph, that I can’t help but look twice every time I see a photo of this little guy. I might have to grab one of these kits for myself.

The real baby Aero is not related to my son (Realborn Joseph), despite the remarkable resemblance in the particular scan used for his kit. He is the son of a former employee and dear friend. His mommy has been looking forward to his release, and we are all excited to see all of the adorable kits that our incredibly talented customers (you!) will make of this little guy. :wink: Be sure to share his photos on Facebook and tag Bountiful Baby when the time comes, if you can spare a moment from cuddling this cute, squishy kit.

You can make him yours here: Realborn® SILICONE Aero Sleeping 2 Months (22" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

Aero’s silicone is currently on sale, so take advantage while you can!

Bountiful Baby


@BBMelinda will this one be available in vinyl as well?

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Cute, but I prefer vinyl both as artist and collector.

@bountifulbaby will he be released in cinyl as well?


@bbsupport will he be available in vinyl as well?

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