New Release - Michelle, by Michelle Fagan

Hello Everyone!

This adorable sweetheart is available now! Sweet Michelle is 6 months old and has just began to sit up! She has the most playful expression, she is ready to explore the world!

We have a very limited amount of first quality kits available. You can find those here: We have a larger amount of second quality Michelle kits also available for a discounted price: The seconds kits are a bit warmer in color, but this can be worked around during reborning.

You can view more images of darling Michelle here:

Bountiful Baby


She is darling but aren’t these the limbs for Grant, Elliot and Easton on this baby?


She’s a sculpt not a realborn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think I remember them saying she shared limbs… or maybe I’m thinking about sugar and spice :thinking:

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I know she isn’t a RB but I recognized those limbs and wondered if I was correct. :thinking: I don’t know about Sugar and Spice other than “little girls are made of” or cookies LOL. :lollipop: I’ll look them up .I don’t remember hearing about shared limbs but then again so many new ones have come out lately its hard to keep track. It was just an observation because I love making the larger babies and ordered a seconds of this one. :heart:


Good deal!!! I can’t wait to see :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This baby is so beautiful. If I were purchasing kits right now she would be mine. :slight_smile:

They could be. They are all the same size.

Yes she shares limbs with the big Easton, Grant, and Elliot kits. Same sculptor new head :wink:

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Just bought a seconds of Michelle. This will be my biggest baby to date.

I wonder though, I’ve seen 20" kits labeled newborn, and Michelle who is a 6 mo. old is a 23". Seems odd.

But I can’t wait to get her.

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Thanks Jenni thats what I thought just a different head. Okay by me a new larger baby is good and I will enjoy her I’m sure… :footprints: :baby:

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She’s cute but a little dolly looking to me. I don’t plan to order (never know what the future might hold though).

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Ya got me. I ordered her and Dustin! Thanks for putting them out close together so I could get both! :purple_heart:

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Is it the kit or the paint job that makes her look dolly?

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I personally love a dolly face!

Feeling glad and hopeful to see so many available kits right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe that she could look more realistic with the right artist :blush:

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She’s really cute!