New Release! Gorgeous "Spice", by Donna RuBert!


We have an adorable new release to share with you! “Spice”, sculpted by Donna RuBert, is available now! We have a very limited amount of first quality kits available. You can find those here: We have a larger amount of second quality Spice kits also available for a discounted price: The seconds Spice kits have heads that are a slightly different shade of color than the limbs. They may need an extra layer of paint because of it, but they will still make beautiful reborns!

Also, our 2021 calendar is available now! It will be included FREE with any order that fits a calendar in the box (orders with 2 or more newborn sized kits will fit a calendar in the box). While supplies last! There is no need to add a calendar to your cart, it will be included automatically with qualifying orders. If you add it to your cart, you will be charged. You can see our gorgeous new calendar here: Remember to watch for our coupon codes inside!

Bountiful Baby


So pretty and squishy!!!

I already have her in my cart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she is a cute pudgy bug

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Love her! What a cutie!

Love her :heart_eyes:

She’s so cute!! :kissing_heart:

I definitely want this kit. But I will need to find full arms, as I don’t like 3/4 arms. Anyone have suggestions?


I agree @jlesser might know

Just ordered two. She looks a lot like my oldest when she was a babe, I am a sucker a chubby baby face.

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I hate 3/4 arms too. Sometimes I will stitch them if I can (and still get the flange in. So the don’t look too body builder. You can also put poly pellets in them and they aren’t so puffy.


What about the vinyl? Soft or hard?

You think newborn Joseph arms would work or crystals limbs with her head

Her face reminds me alittle of 7 month Joseph. Very sweet baby.

Bountiful baby got back to me and said they wouldn’t reccomend other limbs. But if I wanted I could try any 20" kit limbs.

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Omg I will definitely be reborning her :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:love her!