New Release! Gorgeous Realborn® Alma is Here!

We have Exciting News!

Realborn® Alma has been a very anticipated release, and we are excited to announce this beautiful baby is here!

Adorable Alma is about 19 inches long when completed, with full limbs and the sweetest expression! We just love Alma’s little open mouth and soft newborn squint. You can make this kit yours today: Realborn® Alma Sleeping (19" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Alma’s release is also featured on our homepage at:

Have a great day!
Bountiful Baby


I got her, I’ve been waiting for this one.


I got mine. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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She is on my list but got to wait till I get money as my hours have been cut so much

So excited for this little one!

She is amazing!

And of course she went on sale minutes after I bought her. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Same! I didn’t expect her to go on sale this soon!


Shoot! I got her full price too :crazy_face:. I was afraid she would sell out before going on sale!

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I got mine

Needed a piglet body sooooo I used that as an excuse to buy Alma!:heart:


Got One and body , hopefully I won’t have to pay customs

I knew @hyelah1990 was needing some empty paint jars so that was my excuse to order each of us an Alma…you know to save on shipping. :laughing:


Wow that works out great for you both! I take it you live pretty close to one another! I wasn’t going to buy any more babies until she went on sale because, well I just don’t need anymore sculpts. I really thought she would be out for longer before she went on sale lol. B.B. is so generous!


The first of the year I said I wasn’t buying anymore kits until I painted alot of the ones I already have. I have terrible will power because I seem to keep buying them and they just keep piling up. I thought I could resist her at first but then they marked her down so that was all it took. I mean I couldn’t pass up that deal. :laughing: And yes Haley lives really close, about 30 minutes away so we always share our orders.


Yes, Alma did go on sale for a little bit. Our sales processing mistakingly thought it was a restock not a new release. It was fixed as soon as we realized the mistake. There were a lucky few who got her on sale :grinning:


I feel for you, there is going to eventually be a Reborners Anonymous :grin:


I know that would be a large group. :laughing:

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