New Release Ginger - Available NOW!

Hi Everyone,

Bountiful Baby Ginger, sculpted by Michelle Fagan, is available on our website now! Ginger is featured on our home page at:

Thanks Everyone!

Bountiful Baby


I love this little one!


Adorable! Any idea when seconds of this cutie will be available?

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She’s adorable! Everybody will buy her all up while I’m broke and I will end up on the waiting list!!!

Cute! Cute! Cute!!!

Yeah I think they ship internationally…

I don’t think they have Bountiful Baby sellers in the UK…??
Try eBay for her.

It is flat rate shipping international $29.95 for however much you order.

Sure I understand it’s not cheap hobby is it lol

For me it worked out great for just over 100 dollars I got 5 kits in the sale and customs was €20

I :heart_eyes: bountiful

I’m in Germany at the moment originally Lancashire UK

Where in the world are the Seconds for this kit? 2nd quality of other kits have been stocked, but none of her. Not trying to be rude, but what’s the hold up? @AnnDee @bbsupport

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They’re probably trying to make some money. Do you mind? :joy:

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Keep your eyes peeled for they are coming out really really soon!!


Seconds are here you got yours I hope :smile:

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Yep, 2!

And thank you @AnnDee Really appreciate it!!