NEW RELEASE! Beautiful Anabel, Sculpted by Denise Pratt, Available Now!

Hello Dolly Friends!

We have a gorgeous new release to share with you! This is beautiful Anabel, who was sculpted by Denise Pratt. She is a portrait sculpt, sculpted to look like the winning baby selected during a game at the Baby Shower for ROSE 2018.

Anabel is about 18 inches long when completed, the perfect newborn size. This cuddly little girl has full limbs and the sweetest expression! You can see more of her details here:

She is also featured on our home page at:

With love,
Bountiful Baby


I would really love to see the photos that were put together for her to sculpt from.

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I’m so excited! I have been just waiting for her to come out! I fell in love with her right away. But, alas, we have just got back in our house, and with all those expenses, I can’t purchase her today. But, hopefully, it won’t be long! :slight_smile: Thank you, Denise, for making this sweet baby for us!