New Realborn Kase

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We end up poor with all this cute realborn babys

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He’s sweet. I really like Sylvia’s work.

Are those Asher’s arms?

Ohhh!! I love that one~

Awwwww…he’s darling

Another cutie to put on my ‘want’ list.
If you look real close the thumb on both hands is moved and different from Asher. They are all so close to being the same it takes a bit to see the difference.

I cannot access the link above, but here it is on eBay:


Just saw him on eBay and was getting ready to post the auction!

Please someone knows when he will be on preorder ?

This won’t be a pre-order, but another one of the Realborn kits with a LE of 1500 kits (unless they change the quantity). @bbsupport or @EmilyBB might be able to give us an estimated time of release though?

Thanks so much to let me know :wink:

No. Each Realborn has limbs created from the actual baby.

We didn’t realize at first that the Realborn kits made from the first 3 real babies have very similar hand poses. That is coincidence-- those were the real poses for each of the babies. It just worked out that way. If we had noticed earlier we would have worked on our Realborn kits in a different order.

Many of our upcoming Realborn kits have completely different hand poses. For example, we have a baby coming up that has two open hands. And another with two closed hands. And several more with one hand open and one hand closed.

In each case, we produce the limbs as posed by the actual baby at the time we scanned the baby.

Well, actually, what I wrote above is almost true. But not quite. There are some poses that cannot be recreated in vinyl (poses with excessive hooks, for example). If we have one of those, we either digitize another pose, or we digital alter the existing pose so that we can actually produce it in vinyl. For example, we will occasionally make slight digital changes to the angle of a finger, or an arm, because of this problem. But we try to keep those sorts of changes to an absolute minimum. We try very hard to faithfully reproduce the real baby in every detail.

Realize also that in casting and creating a metal mold, then creating vinyl from the metal mold from the 3D print, detail is lost in each step along the way. We already know that will happen, and so we compensate for that loss by enhancing the detail at the 3D stage, before the 3D print is created. Interestingly enough, the factory is not used to anyone doing that. So they keep trying to restore “lost” detail in the mold (at the wax stage), when we’ve already compensated for that with the 3D print that we give them. We see the problem when the factory sends us pictures of the wax, before plating the wax to create metal molds. We keep seeing the lines etched back deeper into in their own effort to preserve the original detail. And from their perspective, the “original detail” is the 3D print we give to them. But we keep telling them to just produce it the way we give it to them, and let it soften and lose detail without trying to “fix” it in any way, because we have already compensated for that loss in the 3D print we give to them.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they go back to their old habits. They are not used to the fact that we can pre-compensate for the detail loss, and they don’t need to worry about it.

It actually makes the factory’s job easier. They’re just not used to it. But they are catching on to this easier way of doing it (easier from their perspective). :smile:

But also, I think you can see that there’s still a fair amount of digital editing that goes into a Realborn scan. Some people think we can just push a button and it’s done. Nope. The truth is a long ways from that. This has been the culmination of a four year research project, and probably 3/4 of a million dollars, to get us to this point. It is a lot harder to do that we first thought it would be.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


Well, I have to say, the Realborns are super cool. As wonderful as “old fashioned” sculpting is, the 3D technology is amazing! I especially love the fact that your models are grand babies, friends and employees’s children. It sounds like a lot of work, but I imaging it must be so fun at the same time!