New Realborn® Isabelle prototype! Reborn by Daniela Ardelean

Another amazing new prototype!

We have a darling new prototype of Realborn® Isabelle on eBay now! This gorgeous girl was reborn by the talented artist Daniela Ardelean. You can view her auction here: Her skin detail is astonishing, her auction is a must watch!

This adorable new Realborn®, Isabelle Asleep will be available on our website soon. You can find the link to sign up for her release here: You can also see the most adorable video of the real baby here: Realborn® Isabelle - Beautiful real baby footage - YouTube. Isabelle is such a beautiful girl!

Have a great evening!
Bountiful Baby


Definitely my favorite version so far! Looks so much like the real baby. :two_hearts: