New Realborn® Isabelle on eBay - Plus New Silicone Kit Announcement!

Good evening,

We have a sweet new prototype to share with you, reborn by master artist, Jacqueline Kramer. Realborn® Isabelle Asleep is on eBay now! You can find her auction here: She looks so incredibly life-like! Jacqueline Kramer does the most amazing work!

Isabelle is one of the many adorable new kits we have coming soon! You can see our upcoming kits at the top of our gallery page, here: Gallery - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). Here is a direct link to view Isabelle Asleep’s kit: She is about 19 inches long once completed and has the most stunning, squishy lips.

The real Isabelle is as sweet as can be! You can see photos of the real baby here: isabelle asleep - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). We have the cutest video of the real baby that can be viewed here: Realborn® Isabelle - Beautiful real baby footage - YouTube. She looks exactly like her Realborn®!

We also have one more exciting announcement, Bountiful Baby will be producing some of our Realborns in silicone soon! We will have more information on our website at a later date. For now, check out the sneak peek photos of our upcoming silicone kits below! Our Felicity prototype is reborn by Susan Gibbs. We have many talented artists working on their prototypes, we can’t wait to share all of their adorable photos with you!

Bountiful Baby


What an adorable face!!


Yes, hopefully the vinyl issue is resolved. It would be nice to know if bb has resolved the problem. There are so many kits that i want, but nobody is saying if things are back to normal


I love that wonky lip!


Cute squishy face.

Beautiful kit :two_hearts:

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That Silicone Felicity looks amazing :heart:

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