New Realborn® - Courtney Asleep - on eBay now!

Amazing new Realborn® coming soon!

Our first Realborn® Courtney prototype is as cute as can be! This beautiful girl was masterfully reborn by Daniela Ardelean. You can view her auction here: Her prototype is absolutely stunning, her auction is one to watch!

Courtney’s Realborn is coming soon! You can find the link to sign up for her release here: Courtney has the most darling features! Her chubby cheeks and curly toes will melt your heart!

You can view the most adorable photos of real baby Courtney here: Courtney Asleep - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). We also have darling video footage from her photography session: Realborn® Courtney - Beautiful Real Baby Footage - YouTube. Real Courtney is as sweet as it gets!

Bountiful Baby


That baby is a whole mood.


So sweet! :heart:

That picture is too cute! Such a fun idea!

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Love her!

Haha she is so cute! Love that face!

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She’s so beautiful; she reminds me of Jade :heart:

Love the little curled toes :heart_eyes:

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She’s darling :two_hearts: I’m gonna need her to have good flanges.

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She must have had de-caff.

I love a chubby baby!

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