New Prototype: Gracie



Wow! She looks so real x

Just love her…!!..What a lovely sculpt…!!

very cute …I have to sale my kidney to be able to buy all the cute upcoming kits LOL


LOL, @andik!

Trying to decide if I truly like the kit or it’s just the proto lol.

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LOVE this baby & I love Helen’s work!!! Great kit :slight_smile:

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I think her facial expression looks a lot like Honey and Sugar. But she’s very cute.

I think she is lovely too - limbs remind me a bit of Pratt limbs? I wonder if Denise did the limbs? And why in the heck does she not have any eyelashes? Does that look odd to anyone but me?

The limbs are becoming more and more detailed and reminiscent of the Realborn limbs IMO. I wonder if they have the sculptor sculpt the basic kit and then use a computer program to add finer details?

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