New Luna- cuteness and drool alert!


She is adorable, drool and all.
Did you get to hold and love on her over the holidays???


Oh my so cute she is growing fast :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

She is Gorgeous! Her eyes are stunning!

No… I am not sure when I will see her again. I guess when I travel through Dallas again:-(

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Awe, well dang nabbit. I hate being away from family.

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Oh my goodness how cute!

She’s gotten so huge! And her eyes! :heart_eyes: She has great rooting, too. :wink:

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She is adorable! Just the cutest eyes!

Awwwww…she is very cute…I bet you just love being her Auntie…:slight_smile:

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So cute! How old is she now?

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OMG! How cute! I see Isaac with open eyes and no forehead wrinkles.

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So our next technique will be drooly chins, right?

Luna has the most amazing crystaline blue eyes. I just love the color.


Oh those eyes! she is just beautiful

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What a beauty and her eyes are stunning; soooooo pretty :heart:

She is just the cutest little girl with gorgeous eyes.

So beautiful , and growing so fast !!!

What a beautiful baby! I agree…we should all learn how to do drool LOL

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Awwwww, what a little ‘baby doll!’’ - she is soooo adorable…It is hard to believe this is the same little itty bitty munchkin we say photos of not so long ago…Gracious, they grow so quickly!.. :smile:

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Oh wow! Look how she’s grown. She is definitely blossoming. What a beautiful baby girl. Those gorgeous peepers are to die for :heart_eyes:

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