New kit arrival! Leilani Yawning

When your new box from Bountiful baby arrives! image


Oh happy day! Have fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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One of her arms has a mispelled name stamp but I guess it’s okay.

Can you post a picture?

These are the two arms. As you can see, one arm has a misspelled name on it. All other parts say “Leilani” but this arm has “La” not “Le” — it says “Lailani”.

Hopefully, nothing else is wrong with the arm - proportion of arm etc. - but if they knew about this then it should, technically, have gone in “seconds”. I don’t think it would hurt the sale value of the doll once finished but still. I called Bountiful Baby to inquire about it and the person I spoke to was like, “oh yeah, that was probably a misspelling”… as if it happens all the time. Not a cool response since authenticity of kits go by the name stamp- and a closely named doll make its look like a Chinese knockoff.

If I had not purchased this directly from bountiful baby, I would have been afraid it was a knockoff.