NEW BB on eBay

This is the link for eBay sale of Tibby, a new BB kit to come. … 27bac28f25

I like it, but I"m not sure I am in love with how this one was reborn. I think it is something with the eyes. I think the sculpt is cute, though. And those feet look soooo real.

I agree with kikomax!! she is really pretty but im not totally liking that reborned version of her… cant wait to see the others though!

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when do the new kits come out?

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Here is a link:

Notice we’ve got 24 new kits expected during the next two months.

Also, 25 of our old kits should be restocked in about 3 weeks, and the rest of them restocked about six weeks after that.

Bountiful Baby

OH Lordy-lordy!!! We are gonna have to resort to robbing and stealing to keep up with BB and get in on all these babies!!!LOL