New Avery kit

Have any of you compared the old and new Avery kits? The new one is more detailed, the vinyl’s softer and a lighter color, the nose has been widened and the really deep groove on the side of the mouth has been changed. I like it much better now.


I’ll have to go check her out. I like that kit.

I didn’t know Avery had been modified too.

The prototype pictures are the same. The differences are subtle but you can see them in the picture of the blank head. I only noticed it because I just ordered one for a custom and I have an old one that I practice on. The squinchy little nose and the deep downward groove next to the mouth were things I disliked about this kit so I noticed the difference immediately.

I didn’t see the pics on BBs website. Do you have a link? :smile:

The pictures I’m talking about are on BB but there’s no prototype done with the new kit.

I also bought one to do as a custom and it is definitely different. I love how detailed the new limbs are. I have a set of the old limbs from the Londyn kit that I compared side by side when I noticed that the limbs were not exactly the same.

Do you have pics? The pics on BB seem to be the same…

I don’t, currently. Maybe someone else does.