New at this😃

I just made my very first purchase. I watched the video that was recommended in the reborning for beginners kit. I have also watched some you tube videos in it. Some people say you should neutralize the kit after you get it the video bought from you guys doesn’t say anything about that. If I bought kits from bountiful baby do I need to do that step?
Thanks for your help in advance!

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Bountiful Baby kits are very light colored vinyl and don’t need neutralizing. Can you upload a picture of the one that came with the beginner’s kit?


They didn’t actually come in the beginner kit. I picked two different dolls from bountiful baby and made my own kit because they were out of stock.
The first one is Marnie sleeping and the second one is Callie sleeping. Let me see if I can figure out how to add pics.

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Also another question is about baking the dolls. Some people say 165° and in the video it was over 250° of I remember correctly. Also what is recommended for baking the dolls. Not the conventional kitchen oven?

I do not neutralize any BB kits.

A great place to watch tutorials is with Custom Doll baby on YouTube

265° F


Also does the time differ per baby or is there a general time rule. I think in the video from bountiful baby it said 8 mins. Thanks for the YouTube channel info! Anything can help!

They’re fine without neutralizing. They just need to be washed well with hot water and Dawn. I love that little Callie. Please post some pictures when you’re done.
If you’re going to use Genesis paints you’ll need a NuWave oven that’s only used for baking kits. Baking in the oven you cook your food in isn’t recommended because of the fumes from the vinyl. Air dry paints are another option if you haven’t bought your paints yet.

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265°F for 8 minutes.
Each oven is a little different it is best to have an oven thermometer inside with the kit while baking to check the actual temperature and make adjustments if needed.

Do not use an oven you use for cooking. There is buildup that accumulates.

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Yes I did buy the genesis paints. Recommendations on where to purchase a nuwave oven? What do they cost?
Thanks ladies for your quick responses!

Thank you! I’ll be on the look out. If you have any beginner tips that you find helpful send them my way.:blush:

So I’ve been looking for nuwave ovens…I’ve tried many retail stores everywhere they are out of stock… I’ve reached out to someone on offer up but I’m curious would something like below work. A different counter top oven.

Did you searched your local Marketplace? I bought my first NuWave at Kohl’s, but found the second one (just in case since they changed the design) on my FB local Marketplace just for $30.00.

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Perfect! Thanks so much! I’ll keep looking.

I found my Nuwave on FB for 20bucks!

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