New at this

I am new at this, I have bought kits bodies you name it I am really excited about starting reborn babies. Well I was I keep reading ladies are getting out, it is not worth it, customers are impossible the bottom sounds like it is falling out of doing reborns. Is this the way it is or am I reading more into this. Seems like I got into this at wrong time. I started a new business a few years ago and wouldn’t you know it it was a recession. Please tell me the sky isn’t falling again really. I just know I will have a tick or nervous twitch. I do not think I will be rich of this but I kind of wanted to be good enough to make a few bucks and have a really pretty reborn. Anyone out there that can let me know if this was a really bad idea? I still think I can do this. Thanks for your time

kymbo, I started reborning after Christmas last year. I had a dream for several years of doing this. I haven’t sold very many but have made a little profit on the ones I have sold. I hope to do better. This is a really expensive hobby. In my mind and after seeing some of the dolls that sold on Ebay, I though it would be easy. It is not but it is still fun. I get too attached and want to keep them. Selling dolls in general is down but I keep telling myself to be patient. I think you should give it a try and the ladies on this forum, along with BB, are great at helping.

I make between $5.00 and $20.00 an hour.

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I’ve sold a few dolls but the market is seasonal and you have to build a name/reputation up too as a good artist. I have made nowhere near back what I have put into this endeavor but… For me it isn’t a business. It’s a hobby that I love doing. If I make money so much the better but I’m in a situation that I have a very supporting husband who spoils me rotten, thankfully he has a good paying job and financially I can afford to play in this hobby. Because of this I am not stressed about selling. I can just focus more on becoming a better artist and take my time with baby making.