New air dry paint reborn system

To those of you who are looking for air dry reborn doll paints that are permanent, easy to use and cost effective Stephanie Sullivan of has come out with a new system. It has been tested by Debbie Henshaw of TNGUN and Debbie has made a free tutorial/guide on how to use the paints that can be found at http://theynevergrowupnursery.blogspot. … r-dry.html. Debbie says they are just as easy to use as the LDC paints she has been using. These paints are a bit more affordable. She has a starter set of pre-blended colors for $22.99 that Debbie says is enough paints to paint 3-4 dolls. If you prefer to mix your own there is a starter set of basic colors for $20.99. Of course for those of you that are using them for touch ups only they will last even longer. I plan to order a set of these myself to try. Here is the link: … rne_paints

Wow wonderful- I love the ethnic colors for Asian and AA also!! Thanks for the link!!

Thank you so much for the info, Angie, it is so nice to have more than one option or two options when it comes to painting. Thank you!!

That looks interesting!!! Reasonable too!!! The finished doll looks great not shiny thanks for sharing!!