Nevin or Someone at BB I have a request

I almost always buy my lashes from BB but I would really like to have some clear strip lashes that are very fine and wispy. I hear from others that these ones sold by Tinkerbells are good. Can BB start selling something like this so we have an US supplier? … 6520-p.asp

We’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, we’ve just updated our item description for some of our lashes with another possible suggestion:



It shows what Denise’s solution to this problem has always been.

Bountiful Baby

Before I started rooting lashes on my open eyed kits, the BB wispy ones were my favorite lashes…but those from tinkerbell look awesome!

These are the lashes I have been buying here and sometimes I get some of the Baby lashes as well. I root the lashes on closed eyed reborns I do but I haven’t been successful at rooting open eyed babies. I do apply them where Denise says. I just really would like some on a clear strip that are wispy like the the ones you suggested. It would be great if BB could start carrying some.

I had used the clear strip lashes at one time. I can’t remember where they came from, but must have been one of those distributors that went out of business some time ago.


Yes, I had some a long time ago too that I am pretty sure I got from Bloomers N Bows, who passed away. The ones I had were a bit too long in the lashes for me so I had to trim them down but I loved the clear strip.