-Nevin@BBsupport..can you use your new digital technology

and enlarge the Pratt triplet limbs for us? those are my fave limbs but I would love to have them a bit larger too please!


thanks Beth…did I do it right? I also sent them an email lol

I think we need more smilies; this selection is just not good enough.

How clever of you, but HOW did you do it?

and I also found :turtle: :chicken: and :crying_cat_face:

There will be no stopping me now LOL :rose:


Guess I’m gonna have to try this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hmmmm. Lookout. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh my Ludmila, we’re in action. LOL

:eyes: :+1:

Love it :smiley: