Nevermind please delete this

Never mind please delete

And you know my nosy a$$ had to click on it to see if I could get a hint as to what the post was originally about. :rofl:


Me 2… :joy:

It was a test! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I guess I failed the test because I clicked on it too! :joy:

Ditto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol!! It was this- I was going to buy this doll on Macphersons website to make an anime character doll and I was asking what size clothing shoes and wig- but I bought TIBBY from B.B. instead because I needed a bigger doll and saw her on sale for $34 and body was only $12 too! So what a bargain. I went with Tibby. And B.B. has her clothing size listed, and I know she can wear any size wig
Lol :slight_smile:


Then I wrote never mind because I was not getting the doll after all :slight_smile:

LOL! And we are still clicking! Typical women! :joy:


Shucks that wasn’t juicy at all :joy::rofl:


Hah! I’m guilty too! Had to click!

Wow!! lol. I clicked on this Anyway!! :rofl: