Needle direction

Here’s a weird question for you. I have noticed on some of the tutorials for hair rooting that some of the people appear to be rooting the hair TOWARDS themselves. I am pretty new to rooting and I have been rooting AWAY from myself-----am I doing this all wrong? How do you all Root? Needle coming towards you or away from you?

I root towards me with the head on my leg.

what ever way the crown is
i always root towards the crown

it depends on how you want your hair to lay, if you want the back of the hair to lay flat on head then you root with needle away from you, and hold it at an angle not straight. So whichever way you want the hair to lay, your needle will go the opposite. So like if I want the bangs side swept to the left, I’d hold my needle pointing to the right.

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I guess I’m the oddball here. I always root sideways and turn the head however I need it to be so the hair is being rooted in the right direction (toward the crown, usually).

That works too😊, it’s ever how you prefer and like. My first one I did was terrible I rooted anyway and the hair stuck straight up.

@mscenteno You are not the only oddball. I root sideways also.


I sit with the head on a pillow on a table and hold it pretty much against my abdomen and then I root toward myself so that I am actually looking over the head to root from the bottom toward the crown. I rotate the head so that the needle is at the right angle to get the hair to be directionally rooted.

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OK, I am NOT explaining this right. What I mean is: Yes, I root towards the crown also BUT what i’m trying to get across is: when you have your head (on table, in bowl, on pillow, whatever) lets say you are rooting the back coming towards the crown, are you looking at the back of the head and pushing your needle UP from the neck area towards the top of the head====or are you looking at the front of the head and coming up under the hair from the neck area towards the crown? Do you understand what I am trying to say? Both ways are accomplishing the same thing but you are facing the head from the front rather than the back. The hair still remains directional. I know this sounds confusing, but try to picture it. Has anyone noticed this on tutorials?

I would be looking at the front of the head and rooting the back of the head up toward the crown. I actually wouldn’t be able to look at the face, because it is up against me as I root the back. When I am rooting the top of the head, the face is looking away from me and I am still rooting toward my abdomen. I have rooted areas AWAY from me, if they were hard to get to the other way (around ears) but it is awkward because the head gets pushed away.

I’m a sideways rooter. I hold the head and rotate accordingly so the hair is directionally rooted.

I’m right-handed and I root sideways toward the left. I just turn the head so the hair is going in the right direction. It’s my most comfortable way and it takes so long for me to root a head that’s a big factor!

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Thank you Pia, you understood what I was getting at, I know it was kind of hard to explain, I have not tried it your way but I wanted to see if others were doing it like that, I’m going to try it, maybe I will do better that way. Thank You.

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I’m a sideways rooter too, but I’ve been noticing the same thing, that is, people rooting toward themselves so yesterday I decided to try it. I found it works pretty well for many areas so I am adding it to my “tool-kit”. I get lots of new “tools” here on the forum. LOL