Needle differences and preferences

So I finished painting little Clyde and I am on to my favorite part! Rooting! Yay!!! Its so relaxing in that my mind cant wander 5,000 different directions. When I left off, I had just switched rooting needles, but I forgot witch ones I used so I went with 38g needles with 6 barbs (38g crown?) and micro/mono rooting with these are a nightmare. Possible but gah! so much effort. I’m thinking of switching to single barb. So long as I can see the barb I can root with it right? Is the barb a different size than on the ones I have now or are they less visible? And since it has only one barb, it should only pick up one-two hairs right? Qnd what is a forked needle? From the description I imagine a needle with a two pronged fork at the end, but I cant imagine how it could work. Do they break more often? Does anyone have a good close up of the forked? I looked online but I cant see a difference at all. What do you all prefer to use?

I use a 43 guage single barb. I like it because it makes really tiny holes with hardly any plugs. It takes a little longer but way less time than pulling out all those plugs! They do wear out a bit sooner because you have to insert it more times to get the same thickness as a 3 barb. On the forked needles I have trouble seeing the fork to keep the needle in the right position but some people really like them.


I use the same 43 g single barb for the same reason. I don’t use the forked for the same reason.


Thank you guys. I think I am going to set aside my rooting for now until I can get some single barbs.


I use the forked needles. I love them. There is a learning curve but once you get the needle position down, they are amazing. I think for exacting micro-rooting, a single barb needle might be better, but my forks seldom catch more than two hairs per “follicle”.