Needing a little bound

Hi everyone! I’m going to college this fall, I just got accepted. While I’m excited I also really wish that I could continue this hobby while in college. I’m also afraid people will think I’m some weirdo for having the babies there and even painting them would be a chore due to lack of space. Important fact I left out is that I’m living in the dorms. This college is 2 hours away from home so I don’t really have a choice. Plus I already got accepted for the housing bit. I would be sharing a room with someone obviously lol. What do you all think I should do??

I might be a bit crowded to set up shop at college, and you will be busy with school and friends. If your home is only two hours away, I would keep working on dolls at home, maybe on the weekends when you have some time. No need to give up the hobby, just maybe do it in a place you can relax and enjoy it, when you are not so busy at college.


I’d say if you want to bring babies or paint them, go for it. Don’t care about what other people think. It’s simply an art form that people don’t know that well.
I personally have one small storage box of supplies and paint only one kit at a time. I don’t have much space either.
I’d recommend using air dry if you don’t already, as baking is going to be difficult in a dorm.

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My doll making takes lots of room at the moment. I’ll be taking the air dry class so I’m hopeing to cut that down. I already do the powders which saves a lot of space. Why not give it some time see how things work out. You may be too busy. Your roommate should have a say to. She may be freaked out. She may have breathing problems. Get to know her a little before bringing this up. A young person I knows roommate was never there so if that happens why not right. Enjoy your college friends. Make new friends. Your dolls will always be there.

I’m also heading to college, and I’m facing similar issues! Good to know other people are worrying, too :slight_smile:

Y’all don’t worry. I read the other day that we live 90% of our lives in our minds. Just do you. i wish there was a way to convey how okay it is to do you. And do it brilliantly. You are an artist and should use your gift. :slight_smile:

Now the practical side of me says college and dorm life can be a HUGE HUGE adjustment. I’d get a feel for it all during my first semester, try to find your groove, your niche, your new routines, before bringing stuff. I’d wait till I had a private room simply because I don’t like my dolls to be handled too much and in a dorm, they will be handled like toys. I’m sure you’ve heard not to take valuables to the dorm …

My concern is about baking them. Unless you use air dry thst would be a big challenge

Congrats!! College is such an amazing time… for me my biggest memories are time spent with friends and it is really a transitional time into adulthood. You should absolutely feel free to be you but I agree that it may not be considerate to your roommate to paint (esp if baking in an oven is involved) until you meet her and ask if it’s ok. I would also not bring my collection with me except for maybe 1 or 2 special babies at most. The dorm rooms are not big and you will be really busy with lots of fun activities and classes.

Enjoy this special time – my best and closest friends are those that I made in college :slight_smile: