Need to find some good quality mohair without spending a arm and a leg!

Must say love this website to talk to everybody lol! anyway, i need some mohair because i got prices together to start reborning! now i need some mohair, got myself a practice head too so i don’t ruin my precious dolls ok so few questions, is 1/4oz enough hair to finish a 14’ head? i’m super confused on the ounces? another question, where could i get some good hair from that’s a little bit cheap and won’t take soo long to get here? and where could i get some prisma pencils!! i’ve been searching but no luck. and this is a reborning related question!! what do i do to start the doll and how many times in between reborning do i have to bake them? i know you wash them but like i seen you put something on them and bake them 3 times?? i don’t know what to do lol need some help. and my kit is from bountiful baby by the way. don’t know how that’s gonna help but hey minus well throw that in there lol

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Good mohair is not cheap. 1/4 ounce should be enough for a baby. Cut the hair in half or thirds so it goes farther. Prisma pencils can be bought at Michael’s, Amazon, dolls by sandy, and maybe bountiful baby. Check out custom doll baby on youtube for in-depth tutorial of full reborning process

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This mohair supplier is excellent. The mohair is extremely affordable and it’s excellent quality. A lot of us have switched over to this. The only drawback is that it’s in Russia and shipping is taking longer right now

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I don’t know if I missed it, but did you decide to do GHSP or air dry? If air dry, there is no baking at all.

I like exclusivemohair
Quirky chromatist
I do like karman dolls hair so much but I ordered a large amount in March and it never arrived because of the global circumstances so I am only ordering from the us suppliers

Annette is my favorite, she does heat set and air dry!
Also check out Kim.
They both break things down and explain each step of the process for you! Good luck!!

I would definitely order more mohair than you think you will need. My first rooted head did not go as planed. I had to order more hair halfway through and it did not match the first batch lol.

My suggestion is to use the spy glass here and read, then read some more.
Also watch tons of YouTube videos before you start. There is a “reborn with me” series where she goes step by step.
It’s alot of work, and even more practice to get a realistic baby.
Quality mohair isn’t cheap, although you can find some “cheaper” but for quality it still won’t be cheap cheap

As was recommended by LisaLynn make sure to cut the mohair into shorter lengths so as not to waste any. When you cut the hair lay it on a paper with the words “cut end” written at the top. Lay the hair on the paper with the ‘cut end’ pointing up towards the top of the paper that is labeled. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you keep all the hair going in the same direction or you will wind up with a fuzzy head of hair, not to mention if the hair is going in the ‘wrong’ direction it won’t stay in the head. I would buy 1/2 ounce just to be on the safe side. 1/4 ounce is probably enough to root a baby but for someone who is just starting out it’s better that you have too much rather than too little. Once you get some practice under your belt you will better be able to judge how much it will take for different size dolls. Good Luck, Rooting takes lots of Practice, don’t get discouraged, we all had to pay our dues to the ‘rooting God’!!! hahahaha