Need suggestions

I’m stuck on my progress. I think she’s to red. I took pictures in different angles with morning light. Any and all suggestions are very welcome!! Please!!


Her colouring looks beautiful to me. We have lots of colour in our skin and it helps a reborn look alive if they do as well.

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I think she looks great! Not too red to me.

Maybe some blue and lavender undertones for shading and definition.

Still very new to this process. This is only me second reborn. I made my first watching the BB video and frustration! :slightly_smiling_face: do where would I put those colors you suggested??

She looks perfect to me.

Thanks! I’m always my biggest critic!!

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She looks lovely!

Thanks, I’m my biggest critic and always doubt myself. This is only # 2, so still unsure.

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this was before adding blushing to cheeks,ears and forehead.


A little blue between the eyes in a thin line and at the corners of the eyes. Lavender along the eyelids. Look up the Reborn With Me video series by @Kim_CustomDollBaby if you would like a great free tutorial :slight_smile: Her videos got me started in a big way.


Kim is wonderful! I miss her being online with new reborn info! And, I miss her for just being her.

Kim’s soft spoken manners and voice just mesmerizes me. I can listen to her forever!

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She looks great to me!

I think she looks good as well. You don’t want to mess with her too much, the more babies you make the more your own style will come out. You’re doing great for first starting out :slight_smile:

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She looks good on my monitor but if you want to break the blushing up a bit mix up some cream yellow color the same as the inside of a banana and very lightly speckle it on with a mottle sponge or brush to break it up. Do not over apply or you may get an opaque pasty look. I use air dry so I add some Retarder in to give me working time to smooth it. With Genesis I would add some Glazing Gel in to keep it translucent.


Looks good to me. I would not change a thing.

Thanks :blush:

Ok thanks. Would not have thought of yellow when my first base coat was orange (I followed J.Kramer video). I’ll havf to try it.

I think she’s looking great! I see quiet a bit of blue, so I would do some yellow undertones…