Need some help with gage needles ,can any one help me pls ☹️

This is my second temp in rooting ,but my needles keep braking every day ,I am a beginner rooter ,I was using. The 38 gage needles, but the craft sore from Aussie reborn supply store does not carry it anymore ,and it’s from Australia :australia:,I know that at the doll so real sales a lot of the 36 gage needles for beginners ,and I see the 42 as well ,should I continue to order the 42 gage needles, or do you all recommend the 36 gage needles for beginners? ,am very desperate to get my 10 inch kit done ,but with the 42 gage needles takes for ever and the hole is much smaller and harder to see if Hair went throw the 42 gage needles.i have to feel it more then Abbie to see if it went in or not ,you can see on this pic on the 42 gage needle broke on me ,I only have like 4 Left, that does concerns me ,as I have to wait til Nov 3 to purchase more ,as I get paid monthly ,any advice ,I sure can use one eek :grimacing:
Thanks :heart::heart::heart:

Most rooters use 42 gauge or forked needle. How are you holding the needle going into the head. Use should go in at an angle with the needle close to the head. I make my own needle holder. Only about an inch of my needle is present.

Are you using a rooting tool or just the needle? Try a 38 gauge 2 Barb needle. It’s big enough to see what you’re doing, but doesn’t pick up as many hairs so it doesn’t get plugs. it looks like your using a 6 Barb needle. Those pick up a lot of hair at once. I’m not sure the forked needle would be your best option because you have to keep the fork in just the right position for it to pick up any hair. I can’t even see the fork, never mind keep it in the right direction. No matter what needle you use, rooting takes a long time for most people.

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Spiral needles are fairly sturdy for beginners. But I don’t know where you would buy them in Australia.

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aunt has a 10 pack of spiral needles for $16 AUD.


Am using the tool ,I did had the 38 gage needles, the only problem was that it kept braking on me constantly, that I was getting very frustrated,but now am trying the 42 gage needles,a little bit better ,but they still brake on me ,I do have poor communication on my hands ,so that could be the problem, but I went to the dolls by Sandy website and I see that they sale the 36 gage needles for beginners ,and I also see the 42 gage needles with 3 bars ,I Just wanted to know should I try the 36 gage needles since am still learning how to root mohair ,or should I continue to get more of the 42 gage needles with the 3 bars? ,I do see the one with the single bar gage needles,but that’s for more advance experience rooters .let me know what I should do .as I do need to order more ,before I ran out of needles, then I will be really behind with my 10 inch kit .thank you for helping me hugs :hugs:

Which tool are you using? Mushroom, pink felting pen or something else? Until you get the hang of rooting, it’s probably to your benefit to use needles with 3 barbs or less (2 is good) and a gauge of 38 or higher. 36 will leave visible holes.

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Am using the pink felting pen ,I do have the wooden rooting tool ,but I don’t like it very much as it would slide off and my needles would brake every time I use the wooden rooting tool .

Ok thanks :blush:,now am now starting to find an angle to root with the 42 gage needle with 3 bar properly with the pink felting pen ,should I just root very slowly to avoid the needle to brake ? ,as am guessing is why am having issues that it keeps braking my needles every day ,or maybe am Holding it the wrong angle ,I’ll show you what I mean tomorrow on a pic ,to bad that I can’t send a clip video the way am holding my rooting tool lol :joy:,thank you so much for helping me ,I do appreciated very much :heart::heart:

I use the pink pen, too, but I just bought some InstaMorph Moldable Plastic from Amazon to make my own rooting tool. You put the pellets in hot water until they’re clear, take them out with tongs, and mold them around the needle to any shape and length you want. I made mine so the needle is only sticking out 1/2 an inch so it makes the needle much less flexible so it doesn’t break as easily. If it does break, you just reheat the plastic, remove the broken one, and mold it around a new one. Like this:


When you’re pushing the needle in does it cause the vinyl to ‘give’? That can cause the needle to bend and eventually break. Don’t get discouraged. I used a whole package of 15 needles on my first rooting attempt. Now I can usually do two newborn heads with 1 or 2.

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How cool :sunglasses: Great :+1: idea :bulb:,am might try this for my tiny rooting needles

Yes ,is like when I push it in ,sometimes it gets stuck or tries to bend .am wondering If am pressing it to hard ,is like when am holding it in the wrong angle or something,I will show you tomorrow how I was holding it ,maybe you can tell me of holding it correctly or incorrect, thank you so much ,am stating to feel more calmer ,when someone is guiding me with my rooting ,as it’s hard to get the hold of my instructor :woman_teacher: that lives in Australia :australia:,as it’s to experience to call long distance, and even if I try to todo FaceTime with her ,it’s impossible ,as she is busy with clients costume orders and teaching a dry paint class and her taking care of grand baby .sue is very busy ,thank you so much ,but will definitely Will show you on a pic the way am holding my pink felting pen :pen:. :heart::heart:

What you’re calling your tiny needles are cut needles that go in the mushroom tool. That one didn’t work well for me. I found it too bulky to be comfortable. You need uncut needles for the pink pen. What I do to prevent ‘giving’ is fill the head with polypellets up to the neck, then pack them in tightly with paper towels. With such a small head you’d probably only need 1/4 of one. When I’m done, I pour them out, brush out any that are stuck inside the head, and re-use them.

1 Like has really good, free, step by step, online workshop tutorials that are really helpful. I need sleep, now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Thank you so much for giving me a little bit of training on rooting tools and the little tiny rooting needles as well ,after you send me this last post ,

I went on to BB ,and I found the 38 gage needles that you where telling me about ,and the 42 gage needles with 3 bars on it ,an making plans order more of each pack ,also I follow your advice on how to use my tiny micro rooting needle .and I was trying ti see if I can tape it in the Wooding needle tool ,that din’t work out lol ,it became a tape and mess disaster haha :rofl:,so I decided to wrap take around the tiny rooting needle with tape ,and I test it with my test limb :leg:,great results, it work ,so to avoid for my 42 gage needles to brake ,am going to be using my tiny rooting needles ,until I can order more of the 43 gage with the 3 bars and the 38 gage needles as well ,thank you so much for teaching me about this rooting needles, indeed I did got frustrated and I was disengaging myself,up to a point ,that I wanted to give up .indeed in 12 hours I learn a lot and am still going Window shopping for rooting needles and kits .as am very picky how my money is going to be spend ,I just know did if I spend to much money on tools :hammer_and_wrench: that might not work for me ,I would be mad at myself ,am still going to practice with my 42 gage needles with the 3 bars on it .to get use to it ,I should have use my test limb :leg: to try it duh :roll_eyes: me again thank you so much :blush:,I do appreciate everything and all the help and the training you have giving me ,as I sure needed a good pep talk on this rooting needles,I just glue the mohair from yesterday’s rooting ,after it dries ,am going to trim her mohair and continue part 2 of my rooting ,had no idea that this a very long while lol :joy: :heart:

I use a 42. You might try a needle with few or 1 barb. Your pulling in too many hairs at one time. Keep it up you will get there. I’m a heavy handed rooter to so I feel you pain. You have to learn how not to put too many hairs in the head. My kids all 4 were born with a Head full of hair so to me it looks right but I see dolls with very little hair and oh how real they look. Its hard but you can at least get hair in the head something some can’t do. There have to be places near you that you can order needles from. Ask where everyone in your area orders from. Keep it up!

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For me, rooting is the longest, most tedious part of reborning but I really love the end result. You’ll notice a difference right away in how many hairs the different needles pick up. Then you’ll find the one that works best for you to get the result you want. A piece of your rooting pen is missing. There’s another pink piece that goes over the needle and twists onto the white piece. It’s about an inch long and comes down to where the shape of the needle starts to get smaller. This might be why your needles are breaking.

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Thank you :blush:

Is this it ?