Need opinion

Tone down or no? She is turning out to be a darker skinned baby, but I tend to go that way because my skin is a little darker with a lot of yellow tones. I think it’s pretty, but I have never seen a Summer Rain done like this. What is the opinion here?


I also planning on using dark brown hair on her.

I’m only collector, so I am not certain if my opinion matters, but I love it!

You are right, I have only seen this sculpt done in fairer skin tones, it would be great to see other variations. I think you’re doing a lovely job of bringing Summer Rain to life! Keep up the great work.



Well, here she is unless anyone has a suggestion or sees something I missed

Thank you BTW. Anytime I do something different or makes me a nervous wreck. Lol

I say keep going she is looking great.

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I love the skin tones!

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I think she’s looking lovely! Love her newborn skin tones. The only thing is maybe her veins are a bit prominent, but that could just be me lol. She’s really really cute! Good job!

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Yeah, the veins in the head came out a little darker than I usually do them, but I figured I was adding hair so it would be OK. I like prominent veins, but this time it was an accident. I learned a hard lesson last night, never paint at night only in daylight. I spent 2 hours toning her down. Not fun.


Lovely work!

Wow, this is old. My style has changed some since then. I will always love my Summer Rain