Need help with repairs

I don’t know anything about this doll she belongs to my sister in law and she has asked if I can do anything to fix her. I’m thinking a new wig and eyes and maybe I can file around her eyes to maybe get some of the scratches out from someone poking her eyes in. Two pictures are when she was in original condition.
Any advise would be much appreciated. Thank you


Not sure if this would work but get sanding paper from walmart or auto parts store. Not the hard grit but really fine like 600 grit to 800 grit. You can find in in the auto parts section at Walmart.


I would love to see a photo when you get her finished.


Could you rebuild the eye sockets with the stuff they use to make modifications to reborns? Sculpey?

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I don’t think so because I think that needs to be heated and this doll is hard vinyl.

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