Need help with pix

i have been trying, with no success, for 5 hours now to share some pix. I have them loaded onto Photobucket, resized them, went out of Photobucket and back in again…I just don’t get it! Could someone tell me in excruciating detail step-by-step, how do I get my pix on here! Since it’s afternoon and I’m such a loser at this, I’m closing now to take a shower, get dressed, do the dishes, and have a bite to eat. Maybe I need a chill-pill! I give up! Rhonda

when you are resizing them , i have heard that you have to close out the BB forum page and the photobucket page and then open them up again. they have to be under 800 pixels i believe, then just where you write, paste the IMG code. i think maybe if you shut it out and reopen the pages it might work. i was having that issue a while back. try that and let me know

I think it’s 800. I compress my photos before I upload them to Photobucket. I never have to resize them and the quality seems to be the same.