Need help with one of the "free kits" from BB

I was happy to receive one of the free kits with my Connor kit the other day. I have only had one other one of this kind, the littler ones with no hair etc.
I have NO idea what to do with this baby except that she needs a body. LOL
She is pretty, she has rooted hair, and her head is hard under a softer layer of vinyl that is rooted through. Her hair will definitely need to be cut (oh horrors) and styled (more horrors)! But she is like a silicone and I don’t know what I should do. I would like a little more color on her, but don’t know if she can be heated or if I could use some acrylic paints on her? She is really kind of cute.
Can someone help me?

Well I will be getting one in the mail hopefully tomorrow. Then I’ll let you know. I was hoping I could put some more color on as well. I have one of the 6" ones that is bald and has a little blushing and the lips and nails done. But the “skin” itself was pretty white so I did add some color and a little mottling. Seemed to do fine in the oven. I’ll let you know tomorrow when I get mine other one.

I thought silicone was soft…perhaps its resin/vinyl?

Thanks Natalie for the encouragement about the paint and the oven and thanks to everyone else too! I had a little experience several months ago with the little baldy sweetie pie who would not take color. Now I will use the matte varnish.
About the lining in the head, that’s like the Ashton Drake/Lee Middleton dolls…will that go thru the oven without issue?
Also. for those of us who try so hard to root well…machine rooting is far worse than any of us! LOL…big gaping holes left in the back that when the hair is brushed back it’s hidden but try to style it and you have a head with mange! LOL…I rooted some into it and it took very little to fill in, but, now the question: how do I secure the hair inside the shell? The same way we do with the normal heads? just glue it? I will await more help! You guys are great and such a smart bunch of women can be found no where else like here on BB! Thanks