Need help what limbs from BB can I use on a knoops

Thank u ladies

I have seen her done multiple times with Avery limbs and it appears to be a good match…

I used Avery/Paisley peach limbs and I also used Riley legs with arms from the Paisley kit. It work well.

If you bought the limbs from the Robin Stoete kit, I don’t think you will have any trouble matching the vinyl color. When I was getting ready to start my Luca I had BB peach limbs and several Adrie Stoete limbs to compare. I ended up using the BB limbs because it was cheaper and my Stoete limbs were part of the kits that I had. I am not real good at matching colors so using BB pink was not an option but the peach ones were great. I don’t think I did anything different at all and they blended very nice.