Need help kit matching this little girl

I need some help matching this little girl. So we need to stay within BB’s kits range. If not let me know what other kits you have in mind. Thanks in advance.

These are pictures of her at different ages. It doesn’t matter which you go with.

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How about Aisha?


Biracial Aisha looks like a really good match for that baby.

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I suggested her to mom before I don’t think she liked her much.

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I shocked that she didn’t like her much.

I’m going to ask her again.

Maybe she was looking for an opened eyed baby to match and in that case Scarlet might work, but I think Aisha is the best match.

She was the very first kit I suggested.

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Have you seen Luna by Jannie DeLange?


Rowan by Jessica Schenk? That baby is precious!


She’s the one mom really love. lol I suggested her.

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Maybe Kase Awake for the third kit down?

Crystal Pratt for the first picture.

Lane White for the second picture.

Lucy May for the second picture.

Kaya or Kyra Helland

I think Aisha is perfect too, but if she doesn’t like her much, then I guess keep looking. :slight_smile:

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I actually think mom had choose Rowan herself. I’m not sure why she didn’t go with her.


I think she’s perfect. Is she still hesitant on the kit, or has she gone with Rowan?

I’m waiting for her to respond. I think Rowan and Aisha are great matches.



Let us know what she decides.

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Thank you all.

It’s hard to totally tell with the awake pic of her because her face is turned to the side, but wondering if Willow Flower would be a good match.

Im seeing aisha or rowan

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