Need help finding the right wig!

I am doing a Kitten for a custom and my customer WANTS a wig… She actually asked for a wig Anyways on Bountiful Baby it says “Mikayla 16-17 wigs will still work, but be a little on the small side.” So I ordered this thinking okay I can probaby work with a littel small!! BUT OMG the wig looks about 1/4 the size it should be!! and I ordered dark brown and it is PURPLE looking in the light!! I seriously just have no idea what to do… Thank Goodness I have not even started this baby… I tried the wig to make sure it looked right before I started!!
Does anyone know what size wig “really” these kits take… I would love to see pictures if anyone has them… Thank You so much I am just lost right now!!!

I am no help but I just wanted to say that I agree with you. I ordered the recommended size for my Cookie (i ended up rooting her after all) but I paid like 25 for a wig in the recommended size and it is TOTALLY wrong. But maybe its just us… I dont know. I put it on the head and it only covered about half of the head and went like 3 inches up from the top of ear. it looked ridiculous. Maybe someone can weigh in on this. But I agree it is frustrating

My sister orders wiglets from China (they are reasonable too on Ebay) and she says they are good for her and are for small women or children’s pageants so they fit pretty good. She did a Cuddles and a Cookie and used the wiglets with no problem. I’ll try to post some photos of her work - be right back! … glet&rt=nc
Sorry, it’s not letting me post her photo - but there are ebay sites that sell wigs & wiglets to children for pageants. I know Deb has gotten them as cheaply as $15 and they are nice. Some are human hair, some are not, but according to her, they are nice wigs and fit Cookie & Cuddles just fine.

Thank you guys for the input I did write BB I was just upset and frustrated One of my biggest issues was the color!! It is not good!!! I just posted on Doll Fan also and got some helpful hint there also… But everyone agreed that the wig bb says fits comes no where close to fitting and looks just terrible!!!I ended up ordering one from ebay so lets hope it is okay I will post pics of both when I finish so I can show just how aweful the original looks haha

I have used the 14/15 Kemper Cassidy wigs on my Kitten, Cuddles, Cookie. If you would like to see photos e-mail me at and I will forward them on to you.