Need help deciding on gender

boy or girl? I see both🤷


Cute Boy!

I prefer boy but both are cute!

Both are adorable.

Yay! I see boy too!.thank you

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Thank you.its my birthday. Baby

Thank you me too

Thank you.i prefer boys so i always see them as that.


Me too I have a strong preference for boys. I would say boy too. Looks more boy.

Let the buyer to pick. It can be either.


Im not selling.its a birthday gift to me.

Thats all i have.

I’d crochet a set for girl & another for boy{if I was as clever as you} and change them at my whim. Who says gender is a constant?? Are you still crocheting?? Are you near Joanns? I’ll Email you. Enjoy your bd present!!

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Ohhhh…sweet baby…GIRL!!! :heart_eyes:


Yes and yes😉

I see boy.:grin:

Could definitely be both. You could switch it up every now and then.

Most babies I lean one way or another this one is split right down the middle for me. I don’t even have a preference. I would go with whatever one you prefer shopping for since this is a keeper. Beautiful paint job by the way.

Thank you. I took my time with one asking 20 times a day for progress pictures.

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