Need answers asap

How many babies can i make with a bb newborn reborning supply kit?

The weighting materials and eyelashes and such are only for one doll.
Mohair and paint depends on how much you use.
I think I read somewhere that the paints can be used for an average of 2-5 dolls.

The paints (GHSP) last a LONG time. I started in 2015 and have made 49 dolls… working on my 50th.

I am still using the same petite sized paints.

I have had to buy more thinning medium and varnishes… and added a few extra colors through the years but the initial starter pack will last for many, many more dolls.


Wow 49!!!

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I started in 2012 or 13 and I’m still using most of my paints. I have only reordered one or two and I’ve made a lot of babies.


The GHSP will last you for years if you paint with the normal thin translucent layering technique. I’ve been making reborns for at least 4 years and I’m still using the little pots of paint I bought when I started. They aren’t the smallest size available now, but they are still very small. These paints are highly pigmented and they last an amazingly long time. You’ll need more weighting materials, zip ties, kits and bodies, but you won’t need to replace your paint for a long time!


Thanks guys. i was just worried about running out of paint and stuff. I am gonna make at least two.

A lot… I bought a starter kit around this time last year, I’ve made around 10 dolls so far and barely dented some of the paints. I bought a few extra paints for different skin tones, and finally used up my little jar of ‘baby skin’ I don’t think I’ll have to replenish the vein blue or lip blush any time soon. I had to replace the varnish after a few dolls but almost everything else is still going strong. Glass beads for weighting and hair you’ll need for new dolls but the paints seem to last forever.

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