Neck ring sizes

I’m looking to purchase the neck rings for the 7 Month June & 3 Month Joseph kits. Does anyone know what sizes they would use? Are they the same size?


Use clear nail polish.

I just put my first together using rings and was disappointed when the plastic showed as it is stark white in contrast to the body and painted vinyl :frowning:

Are you sure you put it on correctly? I haven’t had that problem and I haven’t heard of anyone else having it. Not saying they don’t have it, just haven’t heard it.


Just FYI and for future reference, all that info is on the page of the doll. Find June 7 month and then look down the page on the right. There will be a box there that has all the info.

Did you put it on upside down? The bigger part goes at the bottom king of over the flange and the smaller part goes in the grove which would be covered once you attached the body.


Small side up towards the face right?

Yup but the body doesn’t cover it all the way… arms and legs are fine but neck peeks through

Yes, @PhotographyForLife is correct. I have that problem several times - the white plastic shows. I don’t use those neck rings that are vider than a neck itself.

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I have never experienced that.

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I have never experienced that either @PhotographyForLife and @YelenaRey. Would it help to tighten the body more around it?

I’ve had that happen to. I believe it was a BB seconds kit. I think the neck flange on my kit was slightly misshapen. It was definitely a stark contrast though, which wasn’t very pleasant.

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I use neck, arm and leg rings when needed. I think you need a smaller size or make the zip tie tighter.

Lol I heard your accent

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Yep, we don’t have a letter that sounds like 'W" in Russian alphabet :wink:

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