Neck marking

I was surprised to see that Serena have no neck marking at all, except for letters and numbers on the neck flange.
So it makes things worse to make distinction between fake and genuine kits. We all been repeating that one way to know if a kit is fake is to look at the engraving on the neck.
It begins to be confusing.

MacPherson give a home made COA but I think it’s not proof enough, thay can easily be copied. Keep your receipts.


The JD then item number proves its from the legit factory.
I have started taking pics of the neck flanges to show if I had to, once assembled.


Good idea taking pics before because once assemble there’s no way to tell.

Unfortunately based on the copy of Sandie I’ve came across, the COA and neck markings seem to match the authentic so idk what to do besides keep :receipt::receipt: for authentication :sob:

This is a beautiful kit tho I just wish she was bigger :joy::star_struck:

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Yes she’s so small :grin:

I already keep all my papers but for customers all that is beginning to be very confusing. I know in France it’s becoming very hard to sell because of that, people demand COA And neck graving.

“This is THE certify “… goodness…you would think they would have proofed that and changed it to TO CERTIFY…

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I didn’t notice it ! That’s not even a COA by the artist as it’s a first limited edition to be followed by a second open one. I hope that at least they will still give a certificate!

It is signed by the artist and numbered. The artist probably asked Brenda to do certificates… someone should have done a spell check…

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