Nearing Final BB Liquidation!

Hi Everyone!

Unless we discover more of our factory prepainted Blaze and Kimi kits somewhere in the warehouse, we now only have Kimi remaining. And Kimi has now been reduced to only $8.98! In addition, our preemie-sized Dakota kit is only $9.98, and our newborn-size Kinsey kit is only $12.98!

I also just marked all of our remaining Pooky Shoes down to $2.98.

Our remaining Boutique items were just marked down to just $0.48.

In addition to the above, almost every one of our remaining “Closeouts” items, as well as our “Overstocks” items, have just been reduced by $1 to $7.

So, what’s left? And how fast is it selling? :smile:

In April we had 1,809 different item numbers on our website. Four days ago we had 1,095. And right now we have 1,011 item numbers remaining. So, in the last four days we have closed out of 84 different items-- which is more than 20 item numbers gone per day!

Right now we have 200 more items we are closing out. So, at 20 item numbers gone per day, this liquidation sale looks like it might completely end in about 10 days. And we are running out of stock on something else at the rate of almost one item number gone per hour!

So hurry, before everything is gone!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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