Natural black mohair

If you bought mohair listed as “natural black” would you expect it to be dyed? I bought some long time ago; it is gorgeous, but came tied in little bundles tied with something black. It was not until yesterday when I started to root with it that I realised that the mohair is dyed; it’s very obvious the black string is dyed.

By the way, I wish more sellers would sell their mohair tied in bundles. I then just cut off 1 strand as I need it and the rest is safe from getting messed up. You lose the little bit on the end but are so much less likely to waste the rest.


Thats aggravating! I guess technically its “natural” but NOT naturally black :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Hope it works out​:+1:

Sounds a bit deceptive as I’d expect all the colors to mimic natural colors. So, to say it’s “natural black”, I’d assume the fiber was black and not dyed. I’m sorry this wasn’t the case with yours. :confused:

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It is fine, it’s gorgeous, it roots beautifully, but when we hear about so many incidents of the very dark mohair staining the vinyl, I deliberately bought several lots claiming to be “natural black” thinking it is 100% safe.

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