Narvia Dior New Kit Question

Wondering if anyone can give me an opinion about a full body sculpt I found while googling today (I know…google is addictive. And dangerous to my piggy bank!) I randomly came on it while googling Riley photos. I’ve been debating a full body baby since you know who came out but couldn’t get past the nose wrinkles or the size. This one is more the size I was thinking but isn’t a true full body sculpt (not that I expect to keep a naked baby hanging around anyway!). Not sure if she is too solemn looking but she is growing on me rapidly (all of 5 minutes to fall in love?) But I’ve never paid that much for a baby (being addicted to seconds by BB!). Opinions please on both looks and ordering from an artist. I’ve only done that twice - one that I was really disappointed in and one that I fell in love with her work. Enough rambling! Please look and give me your opinion!

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oh my goodness, that baby is adorable. I can’t say I blame you for falling in love, me too now!!

She is so cute!! I love her too!! I would love to see some of our ladies get and do this baby!! I say go for it if you can splurge!!

I say go for it. I noticed her a couple weeks ago. She’s a pre-order in different places. I really want her to, she’s gorgeous. I’m hoping to sell my reborn maisie, then i will. DEE