Naomi by ping lou seconds

I got her and notice her finger tore you think they will replace her arm


Good question, but she was marked as 2nd for a reason. I looked at mine and only saw some lines on one leg. Maybe I should look at the closer.

I checked my hands and they are fine.

I don’t think they will as she’s second and discounted :heart:

That is horrible for a seconds, more like 4th. They should have just trashed it or use for a practice piece. It would be nice if they would replace it wether it’s a seconds or not. They obviously go through parts to determine if they see seconds, that right there is pretty bad. It should have never been considered a seconds


I imagine as a second, probably not. Perhaps you can try that vinyl putty people talk about on here. Or think of something creative, I don’t know. It’s not always useless…

Oh yikes! :grimacing: Pretty severe to be considered a 2nds kit. Hopefully they will replace that arm for you.


There has to be a way to repair it :confused:

I’d contact whoever you bought it from and send them a picture. Seconds kits do have flaws but they’re usually things that you can work around, like a spot or an uneven flange. I consider that a major defect and not something you can work around. I’ve bought seconds kits but none of them had big holes in them. It’s certainly worth asking if they’ll replace it.


Agreed!!! Is at least call and see what they said


Absolutely should be replaced.Seconds are supposed to be still usable for reborning,that big hole in her hand is not just a second,that is a throwaway part.


My kit is fine. I know they are seconds. But that’s an exceptional flaw. I would think they should replace it. Nowhere in description does it say there may be rips in the vinyl. It just says scratches and indents.


Then that’s it, a replacement should be given. I know I would be extremely upset
Bountiful babies would never send that to someone.


That’s more like test parts, if that, not Seconds.


They did replace her arm


Alternative painters paradise, lol!

That looks exactly like the one I received from her! I didn’t contact her though because it was listed as 2nds. However I don’t see any way to fix that big of a hole. Let me know what she says!

Mine was seconds I contacted them told them they sent another one seconds ok but that hole in hand was damaged contact them get you another part

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Maybe not fix, but UTILIZE. :laughing: