Names, please?

I am from Wisconsin, very near the Upper Michigan border. Dummy me realized that you changed your name from blueyedEMT, right?

yes, it is alright. I am a volunteer fire fighter also tho I do not get to go do the fun stuff since I am always the medical personnel on scene

I didn’t realize you were a firefighter until I saw your picture. That is amazing. Not many women are firefighters. What a great asset to your community.

Jen, I add my name on pictures on Photobucket or Picnik, either one. Just go to “edit” and “add text” and be sure to SAVE. I actually started doing it for eBay when someone copied my pictures and used them in their auction.

Looks great, Michelle!

Back up to the top. We are all doing so good. and it’s so nice to know who we are talking to. Thanks again everyone!!!