Names, please?

I was just thinking it would be nice if we put our names in our siggy’s. Anyone else think so? I mean, it’s not a rule or anything; it would just be good if we all had names, right? Please, just first names, though…no need for last names unless you want to.

Hey, it’s been snowing all day so I’ve been stuck in the house…I don’t have a whole lot to think about.

i want some snow!!! the other day it was so warm here my little ones were standing outside with me decorating and they didnt have their sweatshirts on!

My name is Ginny Lee _____. Did you want last names?

WHY do I live here??? THAT is the question! I’d be more than happy to share some of our snow with you.

Hi, Ginny Lee! Nope, just first names would be great. Thanks!

Everytime I see your siggy pic, I always admire it!! Its a beautiful scene.

— Begin quote from “busybeesnursery”

Everytime I see your siggy pic, I always admire it!! Its a beautiful scene.

— End quote

I know Audrey I love her siggy pic too

Karen i’m Karen too but i dont know how to do a siggy picture


Thats a good idea, i forget everyones names, LOL i think i have my name in my siggy. i will find out when i “submit”.

And i wish we could have a white christmas one year, but living in australia and 25th december being right in the middle of summer… santa needs shorts and a t-shirt!!! LOL

This is a great idea Karen. We got some snow Thursday but the next couple of days are suppose to be sunny in the 40’s so it’ll be gone soon. I love your siggy pic too!

Great idea… I think my is a part of my siggy already but anyways - I’m Carmen M. (since I guess there are a couple of us on this forum I know - unusual!)

We have no snow yet either, which is highly unusual for Toronto…the ski resorts are not pleased at all!!!

BTW, I’m Barb…

Thanks so much for doing this; you ladies are awesome! Just having a name in your siggy is so nice ~ I love being able to call someone by their name when I post.

Glad you enjoy looking at the winter picture; I love it, too. Secretly, though, I HATE winter. I really love it on a Christmas card, though.

Great Ideal!!! did mine!!!

I’m so glad you suggested this Karen. I agree that it is so much nicer to respond to someone with their name and it helps my mind keep track better than with a forum “name”. GOOD IDEA!!!

Tiffany, my old roommate’s family had a vacation home in Jackson and we used to come and go through Idaho and drop right down that very long, steep pass practically into their driveway. You sure needed good brakes when you drove down either side. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful places to be though.

Oh gosh thank you so much for this -it is hard to do the hair for my BB friends that I only know as their BB forum name and then they pay me and I have to figure out who is who!!!

In case you didnt notice, my name is already in my siggy, thanks to Betty Boop Its in my siggy pic too.

We have had 2 snows this year and I am so sick of winter I want summer back. It is so much easier to roll a stretcher across a dry firm yard on my way to my ambulance than it is to try to roll it in wet muddy yard when the wheels keep sinking in the ground. Besides I miss my pool time and warmth. My husband tells me I should have been born in Florida or California where it is much warmer all year long, When the temos start dropping I want to hibernate like a big ole bear.

Debora, where are you from? We have snow and cold, too. Are you an EMT? I will be taking state tests next week.

I am from North East Arkansas, Yes I am an EMT and good luck with the test. Where are you from?